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Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is the science of design to fit the user. Proper ergonomic design can prevent discomfort and repetitive strain injuries.

A recent study at Harvard concludes: “Head and neck posture during tablet computing can be improved by placing the tablet higher to avoid low gaze angles…”  Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA

Flat on a table, the iPad can result in neck pain.

no stand

A typical stand positions the iPad too low for comfort.

a typical stand

The vue-console holds your iPad at the perfect, ergonomic height.


The vue-console was designed with comfort and usability in mind. Without a stand, using the iPad for long periods of time can result in neck strain. The typical stand does not improve the situation very much. However, the vue-console holds your iPad at the perfect height for comfort.

The vue-console is made of an ultra-light, super strong, extruded honeycomb polymer so it is light weight and portable too. The vue works for most tablets and eReaders with 7″ or 10″ screens.

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vue on video

Photos of vue in action


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